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Coffee machine

Melitta Varianza »CSP F 57/0-10«, 1.2 L

Melitta Varianza »CSP F 57/0-10«, 1.2 L

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Melitta Varianza »CSP F 57/0-10«, 1.2 l

one touch

The fully automatic coffee machine impresses with its ease of use. The pre-programmed coffee variations espresso, café crème, cappuccino and latte macchiato can be selected with just one touch. Warm milk, milk froth or hot water can also be easily and conveniently obtained via One Touch.

10 coffee variations

Thanks to the direct reference buttons, the 4 classics espresso, café crème, cappuccino and latte macchiato can be called up at the touch of a button. 6 additional coffee variations can be created using the recipe book function: ristretto, lungo, americano, espresso macchiato, caffè latte, café au lait.

My Bean Select®

For the first time, My Bean Select® offers a free choice from the whole variety of coffee beans with every new cup. In addition to the standard bean container (125 g capacity), you have the option of filling and trying out beans in individual cups. Simply put the appropriate amount of the desired type of beans into the filling chute with the practical dosing spoon that is integrated on the bean container, press the reference button and enjoy new types.

Compact construction, modern design

The Caffeo® Varianza® CSP sets new standards in terms of compactness. Its cubic shape not only impresses visually, but is also so space-saving that you can find an ideal place for it anywhere.

Italian Preparation Process

The Italian Preparation Process, in which the ingredients are brought together in the correct order according to the original Italian recipe, ensures authentic taste. With a latte macchiato, for example, the espresso is only added after the milk and milk froth, while with the cappuccino it is exactly the opposite.


Best Flavor System Plus

Optimum aroma thanks to the following individual systems: With the bean to cup function, only the required amount of beans is freshly ground and the coffee powder is processed directly. Auto Empty Grinding* - The grinder's empty grinding ensures that every cup is prepared with freshly ground beans and that the taste is not spoiled by grinding residue. The special sealing of the Aromasafe® lid guarantees a real freshness-enjoyment experience, cup after cup. In addition, the dark tint of the container preserves the aroma of the coffee beans. *Note: Despite the automatic dosing and empty grinding of the grinder, there may be a minimal mixing of the bean types after the changeover.


TFT color display

First-class comfort: The high-resolution TFT color display enables intuitive operation. The step-by-step instructions guide you through the menu in a self-explanatory manner.


All in one spout

Separate nozzles for coffee, milk and hot water make it easy to prepare your favorite drinks without having to move the cup. In addition, the spout is height-adjustable up to 135 mm, so that tall latte macchiato glasses can also find their place.


Removable brew group

The practical and user-friendly removal of the brew group makes it easy to clean. The interior of the machine can also be cleaned regularly.


Plug-in milk system

The milk system with its external, dishwasher-safe milk container is easy to remove and fits into any refrigerator. The separate milk unit in the outlet is separated from the coffee system and is therefore a clean affair. It is also easy to remove and clean.


Easy steam cleaning

Fast and hygienic: After each milk drink, your fully automatic machine offers you to clean the milk-carrying parts. Just a push of a button later, hot water and steam start their thorough work.


water filter

We believe you can taste it: This fully automatic coffee machine can be operated with the Melitta® Pro Aqua water filter. As a result, the water is freshly filtered before each use. Try it out and enjoy unadulterated flavors and optimal enjoyment. Incidentally, it supports your fully automatic machine in protecting it against calcification.


Automatic cleaning and descaling program

The display informs you when cleaning or descaling should be carried out. The user is guided step-by-step through the relevant program steps by means of understandable text instructions.


power saving features

With the 0-watt switch, you can conveniently disconnect your fully automatic coffee machine from the power supply at any time. In addition, the programmable energy-saving mode and the adjustable, automatic switch-off function ensure economical operation.



  • My Bean Select®: Additional bean filling chute for your individual favorite variety - cup for cup
  • One touch function
  • Recipe function for 10 coffee variations
  • Compact construction, modern design
  • Aromasafe bean container: protects the coffee beans and ensures a long-lasting and consistently fresh coffee aroma
  • All in one spout with LED lighting
  • Double cup mode (simultaneous delivery of two coffee specialties without milk)
  • Brewing temperature programmable in three stages (approx. 87 °C / 90 °C / 93 °C)
  • Coffee strength: programmable in five levels (including "Extra mild - without pre-brewing")
  • Plug-in milk system: removable milk system with external, dishwasher-safe milk container
  • Easy Steam Cleaning: quick and hygienic cleaning of the milk system after each milk delivery
  • Milk system cleaning program: integrated program for thorough cleaning of residues from the milk system
  • Automatic cleaning, descaling and rinsing program
  • Degree of grinding: adjustable in five stages
  • Removable brew group
  • Automatic grinding amount regulation: for a guaranteed consistently optimal coffee result
  • Separate hot water preparation (e.g. for tea) possible
  • Choice of milk froth or warm milk possible
  • Removable water tank: about 1.2 liters capacity
  • Automatic water level monitoring
  • Compatible for use with Claris filter cartridges (1 filter cartridge included in each package)
  • Stainless steel drip tray
  • Height-adjustable coffee spout: up to 135 mm cup height
  • Practical cup storage area for pre-warming cups (passive)
  • Contemporary energy-saving function and on/off switch with 0-watt function

Accessories included:

  • Separate milk container
  • Test strips for determining the degree of water hardness
  • cleaning brush 

Technical data

Pressure: approx. 15 bar




Approx. H 445 x D 397 x W 580 mm


Approximately 9.635kg

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