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Water heater

Camplux ME40N 4-Gallon Mini Tank Electric Water Heater with Cord Plug, 120 V

Camplux ME40N 4-Gallon Mini Tank Electric Water Heater with Cord Plug, 120 V

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Camplux is a brand known for water heaters, especially mini tank electric water heaters and portable gas tankless water heaters. Camplux electric water heaters ME series designed for continuous hot water. Energy-efficient, provide hot water on demand instantly. Lightweight, compact design that's easy to handle and install. Build in smart modulation system, adjusts power automatically when flow rate and temp setting changes, keeping stable temperature of the output hot water, no waiting for preheat, perfect companion for sinks.
  • Endless on demand instant hot water, no need for preheating, consistent hot water when you need it that never runs out.

  • Easy to use, an external dial allows you to easily control the temperature range from 40 °F to 150 °F, include temperature-and-pressure relief valve.

  • Space savings, compact design, are 70% smaller than traditional tank heaters, mounted vertically or upside down (bracket included) under your sink, outlet/inlet 1/2" NPT, can be shelf, wall or floor mounted.

  • Save energy, the self-modulating temperature technology only heat up water while you are using it to save energy, not stored in a hot water tank.

  • Easy to use, simply tap into the cold water line, plugs right into a 120 V outlet and fit under your sink.

  • Save up to 62% on your water heating cost, thick insulation glass-lined tank for reduces heat loss and maximizes energy efficiency.

  • Safety, glass-lined tank for long last, and a temperature-and-pressure relief valve enhances your safety.

  • Feature:

    Tank Volume: 4 GPM

    Wire Type: with Cord Plug, Plug-In

    Recovery Rate at 90°F Rise: 6.8 GPH

    Water Pressure Range: 150 PSI

    Electrical Requirements: 12A / 120V

    Water Fittings: 1/2" NPT

    Relief Valve: Include

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